About Us

Providing a professional, high-quality turnkey solution for FTTx survey and design.

Jorvik Design Group considers every aspect of each client’s project. Combining the design/planning element, fibre element and the civil construction element enables Jorvik Design Group to provide a service that is second to none.  

Our values are central to all that we do:


Our passion is to deliver the best quality service with the key emphasis being on getting it right the first time.


We have an extensively experienced team who believe in always providing the best possible service.


We believe in an honest and open approach throughout our service to build better client relationships.

Who we are

Jorvik Design Group is an experienced and professional business that provides a high-quality turnkey solution for FTTx survey and design.

Having worked along-side existing planning and design companies on a range of projects within the telecommunications industry, it was identified that the standard being produced could be improved upon. With a desire for design and survey quality, Jorvik Design Group formed in July of 2019 with a mission to provide a service, not only tailored towards the client’s architectural needs but one that also maximised efficiency throughout the build and network deployment.

Jorvik Design Group believes that effective management systems are the key to business success.

Everyone who works here is committed to our objectives

Our three directors have extensive, individual experience within the telecommunications industry. Together they have the knowledge to provide a professionally managed service that combines the 3 key elements:

1) Design/planning
2) Surveying and build
3) Fibre Activation

This industry based experience sets Jorvik Design Group out from the rest.

Jorvik Design Group are industry professionals who employ industry personnel. Our surveying team have practical experience and knowledge
having spent many years building telecommunication networks as well supervising gangs of build teams. They are all accredited and fully trained to each of our client’s specific needs. Our planning team are highly experienced and have worked on multiple projects both in the UK and overseas and are therefore extremely competent in their approach to design.

We have worked extensively with clients to set a bench mark for best practice, as a result common key issues have been highlighted and solutions identified. We are a highly adaptive company, in an ever-changing industry and are always keen to learn and develop with our clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Jorvik Design Group believe in growing at a sustainable rate. Our ultimate goal is to retain clients and build on these relationships for a continued business partnership. Our vision is to grow in such a way that we can meet our client’s expectations without compromising on the quality of the work we produce. We offer a bespoke surveying, planning and design service to all our clients. At Jorvik we passionately believe in our ethos and therefore ensure that we will achieve client demands, without compromising on quality, ever!

Jorvik Design Group aim to operate as environmentally friendly as possible. We are keen to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and are continually looking at ways to reduce it. Recycling and reusing is encouraged throughout the company. Our surveying team use energy efficient vans and electronic tablet devices instead of A0/A1 drawings when out in the field. Environmentally friendly PC’s and laptops are used within the office.

Jorvik Design Group are industry professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, from our surveyors, planners and designers to our senior management team. We believe in staff progression and where possible aim to promote from within. We therefore endeavour to provide all our employees with relevant training to enable them to keep up to date with the latest developments and industry standards.

This benefits not only the productivity and efficiency of the company but also ensures our clients continue to receive a service of the highest quality. At Jorvik Design Group we are in an enviable position to have staff with a diverse range of knowledge, experience and skills. It is this collaboration on which we have built our foundations from which we will stand out from the competition, succeed help us to grow.


Jorvik Design Group are proud to announce after applying for professional recognition and accreditation, we have been awarded the follow ISO standards;

This success is a result of our staff who have worked hard to ensure that we met all elements of the requirements in order to successfully pass the inspection process, whilst ensuring the companies goals and values were continually followed. This achievement will facilitate the company’s growth in a sustainable manor and will continue to enable our highly efficient workforce, who strive to achieve and maintain gold standards, throughout the company and the service we provide.

We are looking forward to new opportunities and projects with our long-time and new partners and customers!

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