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Trimble MX50 Mobile Mapping System

Jorvik Design Group specialises in providing the highest quality survey and design services to the telecommunications industry. As part of that commitment, we are leading the way through our investment in mobile mapping technology, a recognised and accepted survey methodology lauded for its efficiency, precision, speed, safety and ability to capture field data quickly and accurately with minimal impact on the landscape, which can bring the entire site to the planners desktop. Allowing the planners to digitise and manipulate the captured data in 3D Point Cloud.

We currently undertake surveys with our own Trimble MX50 Mobile Mapping system.

The MX50 is mounted on our Jorvik liveried Land Rover Defender and captures LiDAR and panoramic 360°imagery at highway speeds (up to 60mph). The end result is a cm accurate point cloud of the environment that once processed, enables us to use validated, real-world data for our design services. This supports our aim of ‘Right First Time’ designs for all our clients. All collected data is stored securely in the cloud so that it can be used by multiple Jorvik designers at the same time for an even more efficient process.

The Trimble MX50 features a dual head scanning system of new Trimble-designed profiling lasers (the senior unit is quite light weight for a mobile mapping senor unit making it easier to mount, dismount and store) for high-accuracy data collection (class 1, eye-safe), a 360-degree panoramic camera and a GNSS/IMU positioning system. It also has a scan speed of 240 scans/sec, a maximum range of 80m, a minimum range of 0.6m and an accuracy of 2mm/2.5mm@30m .

Additionally, investment in the MX50 enables Jorvik Design Group to reduce its carbon footprint by streamlining the workflow of traditional mapping processes. There’s no need for traffic management and no interference with traffic conditions with mobile map creation, which means less pollution long-term, because of no backed-up traffic or stopped cars (which happens a lot with traditional data collection methods). There is also a vast reduction in the use of paper maps and their geographical dissemination.

Key MX50 Features

  • Practical Mobile Mapping system combining precise LiDAR data and immersive 360 ° panoramic imagery
  • State-of-the-art Trimble LiDAR technology integrated with a proven and reliable mobile platform
  • Accurate point cloud for applications such as road surfaces, highway maintenance, or asset management
  • Simple system installation and intuitive browser-based operation
  • Complete field-to-finish workflow — capture, process, extract, and share

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